Cisco Webex Integration
  • 28 Oct 2021
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Cisco Webex Integration

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Expedient Enterprise Workspace - Cisco Webex Integration


Expedient Enterprise Workspace utilizes VMware Horizon virtual desktop technology.  In order to provide a high quality audio/video meeting experience for users running the Webex app within a VDI desktop, Cisco provides VDI optimized releases of the Webex software.  This document outlines the process for how to properly configure Webex VDI integration with the Expedient Enterprise Workspace platform.

The Webex VDI integration requires the following

  • The VDI version of the Webex app is installed on the virtual desktop
  • End users are running the desktop version of the Horizon client on Windows, Mac, Linux, or select thin client OS's
  • The Webex plugin is installed on the end users device along side the Horizon client

Download the software

You can download the most recent version of the Webex VDI app and plugin from the Webex link below.  On the version download page you will need to download the Webex VDI client from "HVD Installer" column as well as the appropriate plugin under the "Thin-client Plugin" column.  

Webex VDI

If you have not already, you will also need to install the VMware Horizon client on your end user devices that your users will be accessing your VDI desktops from.  

VMware Horizon Clients

Install the Zoom VDI client

Persistent Desktops

If you are looking to install the Webex VDI app on persistent desktops, you can do it one of two ways.  The first method would be to install the Webex VDI app during your initial desktop image creation.  If the Webex VDI app is installed during the image creation phase, any persistent desktops created from the image will contain the Webex VDI app.  This is identical to the steps outlined in the following section for installing the Webex VDI app for non-persistent desktops.  The second method for installing the Webex VDI app would be for persistent desktops that have already been provisioned.  If you have already provisioned desktops from a persistent desktop image you can install the Webex VDI app manually on those desktops.  If you are using a software management solution to manage your persistent desktops you can also push the software to those desktops via your software management platform.  

Non-Persistent Desktops

If you are using non-persistent desktops you will need to add the Webex VDI app to your desktop image during your image creation process.  Install the Webex VDI app prior to converting your desktop to an image. 

Install the Horizon Client Plugin

On the devices that your end users use to connect to their virtual desktops you will need to install the Horizon Client and then the Webex Thin-client Plugin.  The order of installation is important.  You must install the Horizon Client before installing the Webex Thin-client Plugin. 

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