Expedient CTRL - Agent Install
  • 17 Apr 2023
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Expedient CTRL - Agent Install

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This Agent is used for the Expedient services "Operations CTRL" and "Cost CTRL."

1. Head over to <COMPANY>.onelogin.com and log in with your credentials.

2. Hover over Infrastructure and click Clouds

3. Click VMs

4. Click on the check-box next to the VMs you want to manage.

5. Click the actions drop-down and select Convert to Managed

6. In the Agent drop-down menu, select Install Agent Manually.

7. Click Execute at the bottom of the page to finish the conversion.

8. Select the VMs on which you wish to install the Agent. 

9. Click the actions drop-down and select Download Agent Script

10. Run this script on the client machine to finish the installation.

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