Expedient CTRL UI Update
  • 24 Nov 2021
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Expedient CTRL UI Update

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As part of updates to the Expedient CTRL platform on November 22, 2021, there will be a small shift in the UI for the Provisioning functions.

You will now see a new Library tab at the top of the interface. This contains image, blueprint, and automation functionality that was previously under the Provisioning tab. This makes it easier to configure those functions and makes them more readily available.

The Provisioning tab has been updated to also include the Service Catalog functionality inside the main Expedient CTRL window instead of a completely different interface. This simplifies provisioning operations and access to management of existing instances. 

All of the other functionality, like cost optimization, reporting, and guidance, all remain where those functions were and are unchanged.

Below is a full table of paths that are changing and where they are moving to.


Old Path

New Path


provisioning > blueprints

library > blueprints


provisioning > automation

library > automation


provisioning > automation > tasks

library > automation > tasks


provisioning > automation > workflows

library > automation > workflows


provisioning > automation > executions

provisioning > executions

Scale Thresholds

provisioning > automation > scale thresholds

library > automation > scale thresholds

Power Scheduling

provisioning > automation > power scheduling

library > automation > power scheduling

Execute Scheduling

provisioning > automation > execute scheduling

library > automation > execute scheduling

Automation Integrations

provisioning > automation > integrations

library > integrations

Security Packages

provisioning > jobs > security packages

library > templates > security packages

Virtual Images

provisioning > virtual images

library > virtual images


provisioning > library


Instance Types

provisioning > library > instance types

library > blueprints > instance types


provisioning > library > layouts

library > blueprints > layouts

Node Types

provisioning > library > node types

library > blueprints > node types

Option Types (Inputs)

provisioning > library > option types

library > options > inputs

Option Lists

provisioning > library > option lists

library > options > option types

File Templates

provisioning > library > file templates

library > templates > file templates


provisioning > library > scripts

library > templates > script templates

Spec Templates

provisioning > library > spec templates

library > templates > spec templates

Cluster Layouts

provisioning > library > cluster layouts

library > blueprints > cluster layouts

Catalog/Self Service

tools > self service

library > blueprints > catalog items

Service Catalog

service catalog persona

provisioning > catalog & service catalog persona



monitoring > logs

If you have any additional questions, please open a case with our Support Management Console.

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