vGateway Disconnect Alerts
  • 14 May 2021
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vGateway Disconnect Alerts

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Expedient systems monitor each of your vGateway devices for disconnections from the Portal infrastructure. Since this event is potentially impacting to your NAS functionality, we will automatically open a ticket in our Support Management Console to notify you of the occurrence.

Support Management Console Ticket

Every 5 minutes our systems will check all vGateway devices for an offline status, if a vGateway is detected to be offline a ticket will automatically be opened in the SMC and linked to your account. A unique ticket will be generated for each vGateway in multi-vGateway deployments as they will likely be in disperate 'locations'.

These alerts serve as notifications of the disconnect of the vGateway from the Portal. As these alerts are often transient and the result of internet connectivity instability, the ticket is not proactively worked and will automatically be set resolve in 24 hours. If you require assistance from Expedient technical staff, you must re-open the ticket!

The ticket generated will contain the name of your Cloud File Storage Portal as well as the unique name of the vGateway device that has disconnected from the portal. 


The disconnection of a vGateway from the Portal can potentially be an impacting event for NAS connectivity.

Upon disconnecting from the Portal, a vGateway will continue to serve data from cache. Any data cached locally on the filers will be available for read/write operations and until the cache becomes exhausted write operations will also succeed. Read operations on data outside of cache will be impacted and large write operations may be impacted depending upon the utilization levels of the cache. vGateways will automatically attempt to reconnect to the Portal, and upon success will update all cached IO operations.


The most common cause for a vGateway to disconnect from the Portal is an unstable or complete loss of the WAN connection. Perform any troubleshooting steps and corrective actions to bring the WAN connection back online for the vGateway to connect to the portal. Similar issues can arise to do issues with inadvertent firewall rules blocking connectivity. The vGateway devices also feature a number of networking troubleshooting tools under the System -> Network -> Diagnostics page.

As noted above, Expedient staff will not proactively troubleshoot a vGateway disconnect. If assistance is required, please re-open the automatically generated SMC ticket.

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