VMware Cloud Director 10.1
  • 15 Feb 2022
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VMware Cloud Director 10.1

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Expedient has recently updated vCloud Director to version 10.1 (now called "VMware Cloud Director").

This guide will cover the interface and API changes.


UI Changes


The hamburger menu is replaced with a menu bar.


A new Applications menu manages vApps and VMs across data centers. This update also introduces a new vApp and VM card design.


New Resources view for VMs and vApps


Old (Left) and 10.1 (Right)


Added "Multiselect" option for vApps and VMs


Ability to change the catalog owner


API Changes

  • VMware Cloud Director API version 29 and below are not supported.
  • VMware Cloud Director API version 30.0 is deprecated and will become unsupported after VMware Cloud Director 10.1
  • VMware Cloud Director API version 31.0 is deprecated.

For more information, see VMware's release notes and Feature Overview: VMware Cloud Director 10.1 Release Notes.

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