Pre-Failover Checklist for Self-Serviced Disaster Recovery
  • 23 Mar 2022
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Pre-Failover Checklist for Self-Serviced Disaster Recovery

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This article lists steps that should be taken before performing a self-service disaster recovery action of any kind.

A quick aside

In the event you are unsure how to perform these recommended steps, please reach out to our Operations Support team for assistance.

Recommended Actions

  • Ensure recovery site resource pool has sufficient resources allocated to support failover (disk, RAM, CPU, etc.)
  • Ensure data protection jobs (backups) are disabled during failover so they don't interfere with site-to-site operations
  • Determine your data protection strategy while environment is running in recovery site (Manual Expedient intervention or review may be required if backups need to be run)
  • Determine if VM tags are utilized for any applications or jobs (Intellisnap backups, DRS rules, organization, etc.). If so, these will need to be manually re-tagged as Expedient does not utilize or support replicating vSphere tags
  • Ensure access to at least one replication management site is maintained during failover operations
  • Ensure replication groups (VPGs, vApps, etc.) are not left un-committed or in a test state for too long as the recovery datastore can fill and/or crash

Further Reading

Utilize the Search function on our Knowledge Base to locate further information regarding the above topics. These concepts will be expanded and updated on a semi-regular basis, as our methods and used technologies are always being optimized.

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