Remote Hands Support
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Remote Hands Support

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Remote Hands Support for Your Colocation Subscription

At Expedient, we understand the importance of providing you with seamless, reliable, and hassle-free colocation services. As part of your subscription to our colocation service, you gain access to valuable remote hands support from our 24x7 Expedient Operations Support Center (OSC). This service is designed to ensure that your infrastructure operates smoothly, even when you're miles away.

What Remote Hands Support Includes:

Our standard remote hands support is a valuable inclusion with your subscription for a wide range of essential tasks. This service is offered at no extra charge for in-scope requests that are achievable within thirty (30) minutes. These services include:

  1. Visual Verification: Our experienced technicians can visually inspect device status, check cable positions, observe LED colors, and undertake similar troubleshooting efforts as requested by you.

  2. Console Port Access: In cases where a device becomes unreachable, we can connect to a console port or monitor to assess its status and provide insights into the issue.

  3. Device Control: We are at your service to push buttons or toggle switches as directed by you, ensuring seamless device operation.

  4. Device Reset and Power Cycling: When needed, we can reset or power cycle a device as per your instructions, helping to resolve issues swiftly.

  5. Cable Management: At your direction, we can assist in moving or securing a single cable, ensuring your setup remains organized and functional.

  6. Third-Party Vendor Access: In cases requiring access by third-party vendors, we can facilitate their temporary entry as required by you.

Customized Support: If your needs extend beyond our standard offerings, we are open to discussing and agreeing upon additional services to meet your specific requirements.

How to Request Remote Hands Support:

To initiate a standard remote hands request, please contact our Operations Support Center (OSC) and provide a detailed description of the work you need to be completed.

For more comprehensive support or to incorporate specific requirements into your managed service agreements, you can also make use of our Project Change Request (PCR) process. Simply send a written request via email to your dedicated account manager, outlining the remote hands assistance you require.

Emergencies and Escalations:

In case of emergencies, you can reach out to us by opening a trouble ticket with our OSC. If you have already opened a ticket with the OSC but require additional attention or wish to escalate, please use the Expedient Escalation List.

At Expedient, your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your infrastructure are our top priorities. With our comprehensive remote hands support, you can rest assured that your colocation services are in capable hands. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to help you succeed.

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