Service Access Activation Policy
  • 10 Jan 2024
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Service Access Activation Policy

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Service Access Activation Policy

Implementation Project Communication Policy

Commencement of Service Activation for project phases will be communicated via the project SMC ticket and sent 2 business days prior to service activation billing date, including a summary of services, followed by details associated with access, service packages, and next phase or project completion. All watchers and followers on the project ticket are notified of the billing and commencement events and dates.

Services listed as upgrades/downgrades or expansion to existing services are billed once provisioned and available to the client.

Colocation Services


For new colocation services in a datacenter, activation will occur when cabinets, power, and data center access are ready. 

For existing colocation services, additional services will be invoiced once power and cabinets are constructed and ready for use and consumption.

  • Slimline cage construction and One Time Costs (OTCs) will be invoiced per the section titled “Initiation Fee” in the Master Service Agreement or other Terms and Conditions outlined in the contract.
  • Metered power (not to be confused with Metered PDUs) service provides power to the client on a metered basis with power utilization measured in kWh and invoiced at full contracted monthly commit, including overage consumption. 

Telecom Circuits

Service activation will occur when circuit construction end to end is complete, layer 1 is established, and testing is complete, and the circuit passes testing for layer 2/3 traffic per circuit design.  

  • Expedient does not wait for the circuit to be listed as ‘production in-use' as the monthly costs and term commits with the telecom provider have started.

 Multi-cloud Circuit:

Service activation will occur once the circuit is provisioned via the cloud exchange portal and client network handoff is complete.  

  • Expedient will not wait for the circuit to be listed as ‘production in-use' as the monthly costs and term commits with the telecom provider have already started.

 Cross connects and switch ports:

 Service activation will take place upon connectivity turn up and handoff to the client for network access.


Cloud Native

Kubernetes management and clusters

Service activation when management access is granted and service detail information is provided.

Data Protection Services

Includes Data Protection powered by Commvault and Cloud Data Protection powered by Cohesity.

 Service activation and commencement occur when the infrastructure components are set up, configured, integrated, and the client is notified that they have access to the service.  Access to the service allows you to start protecting virtual servers, databases, files, or other content defined in the solution.   The project team will request access confirmation via the Support Management Console (SMC). It is your responsibility to inform the project team of any limitations preventing access to the service via the SMC project ticket or support request.

  • Restoration testing is encouraged but not required to activate data protection services.

Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure

Includes Private Cloud, Client On-Premise Hardware, including EDGE, and Remote Office Data Protection nodes.

Service activation and commencement will occur once the dedicated infrastructure components are set up, configured, integrated, tested, and the client is granted access to the service. They will have access to the environment to start provisioning and consuming services. Access confirmation will be requested by the project team via the Support Management Console (SMC). It is the client's responsibility to inform the project team of any limitations preventing access to the service via the SMC project ticket or support request.

  • For On-Premise hardware managed by Expedient, the client will be granted access to the service and the services will 'call home' for remote management OR service activation will begin 30 days from receipt of onsite delivery.
  • For multiple sites or large implementations, services and hardware will be grouped in deployment phases.
  • Exceptions and delays associated with a third party or site 'not ready' will be reviewed with the project team and the client's primary point of contact.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

 Enterprise Cloud, Enterprise Workspace, Elastic as a Service, Remote Access, and Multi-cloud Firewall.

Solutions with dependent events and release schedules will be grouped into project phases.

Service activation for services in each phase will have full access to the environment to start provisioning servers, workstations, and consuming services.   

  • Service activation will not wait for the service to be listed as ‘production in-use’ by the client.
  • Licensing for the solution will begin on activation. 

 Operations Ctrl, Security Ctrl/SIEM, Observability, and Cost Ctrl Suites

Service activation begins once security access is granted, tenant environment is configured, tested, and the first asset/user is reporting and monitored in the service. 

  • Licensing for the solution will begin on activation. 

 Cloud File / Object Storage

Service activation when the tenant environment is provisioned, content access is tested, (including file appliances) and access granted.

  • Migration of content is an additional service as time & material with a statement of work (SOW) and will be reviewed with the project manager for activation based on the terms of the agreement.   

 Disaster Recover as a Service 

Service activation when the target site is provisioned and ready to receive replicating server images and/or data (including file level content) into the container to/from another site, PROD or DR. 

  • Complete 100% transfer is not required to activate the service.
  • DR testing is included in the Expedient service offering after service activation, however it is not required for activation.
  • DR On Demand service overages will be waived during implementation testing.

Service Transitions

Over time, clients may elect to transition platforms and services.  New service contracts, service extensions, renewals, and/or project change requests (PCRs) are required to align the service activation and terms and conditions.  The project manager will coordinate the service decommission of the original platform and service activation of the new platform according to the established a timeline, change management, and availability of schedule unless a date is explicitly defined in the contract.

Migration Services and Time and Material

Service activation for migration occurs as the first instance/phase of content, servers, or network successfully lands and verified operational in the target environment. 

Time and Material services will be covered by the Project Manager and the Client to review the scope of work, timing, and schedule.

Replication and transition work includes replication licensing and labor charges.

100% content completion is not required for service activation.


Special Considerations

Consumption billing on capacity based services, such as TB of disk consumed, kW of power, and/or Mbps of bandwidth consumed is not available, the entire capacity will be billed for the contracted amount.


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