• 27 Feb 2024
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Service Overview

Expedient Colocation enables clients to host their physical hardware in hardened, resilient data centers staffed 24x7x365 across the United States. Expedient manages the power distribution, cooling, rack placement and floor space in each of our 14 data centers. Clients still have full access to their hardware at any time and can submit tickets to grant access to vendor support for break/fix.

Service Features

  • Metered or circuit based power
  • Multiple rack and cage options
    • Cages
      • Traditional cage with available options:
        • Available options:
          • Roof
          • Under floor
          • Biometric security
      • Slimline Cage
        • A cage only slightly larger than the racks within to provide an additional layer of physical security for critical IT assets
        • Available options:
          • Roof
          • Under floor
          • Biometric security
    • Full rack
    • Half rack (not available in cages)
  • Multiple power feeds
    • A+B circuits to rack
    • Multiple public utility feeds
    • Redundant UPS (See Facility Specific Information links for per DC detail)
    • Redundant Generators
  • Environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity)
  • Diverse network carrier feeds
    • See Facility Specific Information links for per DC detail
  • Expedient service connectivity
    • Line-rate switch ports
    • Low latency
    • No egress fees
  • Multi-Cloud Network Connectivity through Equinix Cloud Fabric
    • AWS DirectConnect
    • Azure ExpressRoute
    • Google Cloud Interconnect
  • Multiple layers of security
    • Physical security:
      • Locked front door, manned by Expedient personnel for entry
      • Expedient employee escort + biometrics to datacenter floor
      • Video surveillance
      • Locked Cabinets
    • Employee security
      • All W2 employees
      • Biometrics per employee
  • 100% SLA
  • 24x7 access
    • 24x7 remote hands capability for taking 15-minutes or less to complete
      • Visual verification of a device including cable positions, LED colors, LCD display status
      • Resetting, power cycling, or manipulating physical switches/buttons on a device as directed by the client
      • Inserting client provided media to support application loading or installation
      • Removal or installation of components which are hot-swappable and for which a replacement component has been provided by the client or their vendor 
    • Additional requests taking longer than 15 minutes to complete can be reviewed for a potential Project Change Request (PCR)
  • Fire suppression
  • Hot/cold aisle cooling for energy efficiency
  • Workspace for clients with Wi-Fi and beverages

Facility Specific Information

Each page includes power, cooling and physical space information along with virtual tours of each datacenter

Use Cases

  • Exiting on premises data center
  • Hosting critical physical equipment
  • Combining existing hardware with Expedient cloud services

Responsibility and Accountability Matrix

Colocation Responsibility Matrix 





Co-Managed tasks can be performed by Expedient or Client based on Client's preference 

Data Center Environmentals (Facility Power / Cooling / Redundant Power/ Monitoring)




Cabinet / PDU sourcing



Power installation under floor

Set cabinets in places

PDU installation

Expedient patch panel install

Floor plan documentation updates

Expedient Network configuration / cabling / labeling




Telco Carrier Cross connect runs / termination / labeling

Client hardware ordering & delivery logistics

Client hardware install

In-rack cable management

Power consumption alerting over SLA



Cabinet security and shift walks

Airflow / HVAC changes if necessary


Client and Vendor Access 

Clients can submit tickets to grant access or ask for access in-person. Expedient will escort clients or their vendor to the client's rack.

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