Service Delivery
  • 06 Mar 2023
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Service Delivery

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Article Summary

Project approach

How do we approach new and existing customer projects? 

With White Gloves, each team and project brings a unique aspect to the implementation and delivery of services. Based on the project scope, we use multiple Agile Project methodologies to tailor the needs of the customer. We understand 1 size doesn’t fit all. Project Communication will leverage our SMC Portal 

Initial engagement after contract signature

What does the engagement look like? 

The 1st stage project, information sharing and expectations are set by all parties. A knowledge share of the outcome and your approach discussed and agreed upon with your Sales and Solution Architect, stakeholder meetings and conference calls with all resources, and a brief introduction to the Expedient tools and services for communication and infrastructure management.


How do we keep our information secure during the project? 

Our project managers are required to keep sensitive information contained in the Expedient Support Management Console. Only Customer authorized and Expedient personnel have access to your project information. Secure messages can be transmitted via the Project Ticket. 


How do I escalate my urgent requests? 

Your project manager is your Point of Contact. If necessary, you may call 1-877-570-7827 for escalation and ask for a Service Delivery supervisor and/or manager

Service Hours

When does the team work on my project? 

The Service Delivery team assigned maintains core business hours, EST, M – F 8 am – 5 pm. After-hours and weekend work can be scheduled in advance with the technical team members. After-hours work is necessary for change controls resulting in service impacts, testing, and migration windows. 

Key Meetings

How many meetings will we have? 

Most projects will have 4 types of meetings. Project Kick-Off, Project Status, Project Service Activation, and Project Support Handoff. 

Service activation and billing

During the project, some services may be activated for use and consumption. Network services and Cloud Computing with Infrastructure as a Service typically are established in the 1st Phase of implementation. Later phases may include application management, migrations, disaster recovery, and advanced security services with additional coordination with the customer. A billing commencement notice will be sent via a ticket update during the project for services activated.

Project Closure

What happens at the end of my project? 

Your Project Manager will coordinate Support Handoff with the Operations Support Center towards the end of the project or during any major milestone when services become activated. This allows the OSC to validate services, access and authorization, rules and responsibilities, and SLAs associated with your contract for 24x7 management.  

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